Friday, April 2, 2010

A Mercifully Brief Easter Thought

The weapons of evil are hard, but brittle: Coercion. Arrogance. Confusion. Fear. Selfish desire. When used skillfully, these tools are powerful, even irresistible. But they cannot stand the test of time.

The weapons of good are soft, but enduring: Patience. Truth. Generosity. Simplicity. Humility. These things take time to do their work, and because they cannot be forced on anyone, they are easily derailed, distracted, silenced, and stifled. But even death itself cannot seem to destroy their lasting influence.

That is why, even though evil always seems to have the upper hand short-term, good always wins out in the long run.

As the very personification of good, Jesus' humiliation and execution were as inevitable as the change of the seasons...

But so was His resurrection.

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